Jour701 Essay Post #2 – Video

As part of my research for my essay on paywalls I decided to take a look at Youtube. There were quite a few videos that I cam across, however I selected these two as I found them the most interesting and had some valuable points that I could possibly include in my essay. The are both talking about the New York Times’ paywall, but I particularly like the first video as it features an actual writer and their opinion.

The New York Times’ Pay Wall: A “Hail Mary Strategy”

  • Michael Wolff – Vanity Fair author and columnist
  • “Hail Mary strategy” – they will leave their physical print paper behind and migrate to the online world
  • however the online world does not provide enough revenue to support the running of the New York Times
  • They are just hoping that someday in the future it will work
  • But there’s no evidence to support that

New York Times case study by Ben Meyer

  • there will always be a way around the paywall
  • online subscription less than print
  • When people read over their 10 free articles they will move on to another site and this means you loose advertising revenue
  • His conclusion: it’s not a good idea.

Jour701 Essay Post #1 – Topic

I have decided to take a look at paywalls for my essay this semester. I would like to investigate whether or not paywalls would be a viable business structure for New Zealand media agencies.

This topic is of interest to me because as student about to graduate and enter the journalism field, I am constantly told it’s a ‘dying’ industry. Things have changed drastically in the past 30 years for journalists, especially when it comes to commercialisation and advertising.

My parents have always been NZ Herald subscribers with the paper arriving in the letter box every morning ever since I can remember. My mother is always annoyed to see my Auntie reading the Herald for free on her Ipad when she’s paying for it. However, even though she too could read it for free online, she still prefers to pay for it.

I find this very interesting as I myself have never payed for a newspaper, nor do I subscribe to any over the overseas news apps/sites that have paywalls. This is why I have chosen to explore this topic in my essay as I wish to further understand it.

When I first started looking into paywalls it seemed like a great idea. Finally this could be the solution to all of the medias problems! But alas, things aren’t that simple.

I’m not 100% sure of my opinion on the issue, but I definitely feel after some initial research I’m leaning towards taking an anti-paywall standpoint for this essay.